Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Online Business Tip #2: Start Locally

I know, once we're online we're part of this big global community. But open your door or window and look outside. You're part of a local community too. You have neighbors. You probably have a neighborhood association. I have the Roscoe Village Neighbors. The current president, Don Tomei, is a friend and neighbor. He and I have banded together with a group of videographers, marketers, and designers to form NewCor Group. We help small businesses create Web sites and build brand identities. Join your community group and find your own group to work with. It will enrich your life and hopefully your bank account as well.


Blogger scottgwills said...

Greg, i appreciate your appreciation of neighborhood and community-and i second that emotion! Having had a history of being a solitary artist-type, I later discovered the injection of vitality, growth, and opportunities that connection with community can bring, both to me and to my family. This has been especially true in raising my daughter: it really does "take a village". Connection to our community been a continual source of strength and positive feeling for her and for my whole family. This is especially worth noting in the midst of challenging times in our nation and world.

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