Do You Have a Story to Tell?

Let Greg Holden

Oral Historian/Bestselling Author-Reporter

Create a Personalized Biography for You

Greg Holden
Greg Holden, oral historian and biographer, and
author of 38 books including
Starting an Online
Business for Dummies and Literary Chicago.

Everyone has a story to tell. Let me create your own biography to help you preserve your memories and experiences. Have your children ever asked you about your life? Have your employees ever expressed a desire to know about the founding of your company and your motivations in creating it? You need to preserve this living oral history not only for yourself but for those who come after you.

Recent Oral Histories and Biographies

I've been a freelance writer since 1996, and have books on a wide variety of subjects. I've also been a newspaper reporter and have published in-depth profiles of people from many walks of life in Entrepreneur, Forbes, and the UIC Alumni Magazine. Here are some recent samples of brief, article-length biographies I've done:

"A Taste of Life" (Biography of Cafe Descartes coffee shop founder Arshad David)
"His Chemical Romance" (Oral History of Michael Flavin's activities as pharmaceutical entrepreneur and researcher)
"Much Ado About Something" (Oral History of UIC's theater program)
" Founder is an Optimistic eBay Competitor"
"eBid Founder Goes from Stockbroker to Auction Entrepreneur"
"eCrater Founder Focuses on Vision of Free Ecommerce"

I will interview you and turn your story into a narrative that your family will love. Oral histories and biographies also play a role in the corporate world, and I can write the history of your business to convey your message and mission to your employees and your colleagues. Your story can be preserved in multiple forms:

Contact me at greg at gregholdencom, call me at 773-383-9739, or visit my Web site ( to find out more.

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